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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Worlds Biggest Pacman

My Rating: 7/10

Now it's not often that I'll be reviewing a browser based game , but this game definitely deserves to get out there somehow.

So one day I was using Stumble Upon to wander around the internet and my browsing stopped at I was about to click Stumble again and decided to check it out.

The major thing that bothered me about Pac-Man was the simple fact that when you went off the screen you just came right back on the other side. On Worlds Biggest Pac-Man you go off the screen and you go onto a completely new map. This opens up a whole new dimension for Pac-Man, exploring.

To top that off, all the maps are user created. While this does mean you'll run into some bad maps, most of the maps actually seem to be quite decent. You can logon using Facebook and create your own maps to add to the site as well, and best part about that is you get to choose where they go on the main map.

While I highly doubt anyone will spend hours at a time on this site, the game is great if you want to kill 10-15 mins. 

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