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Monday, April 16, 2012


My Rating: 7/10
Gamespot Community: 5/10

So the best way to describe this game (to those who know the following titles) is that it is a combination of Dungeon Keeper and a little bit of Overlord.

I'll be the first to admit "play as the villain!" is not in any way shape or form a new concept, but it's always nice to see a game that pulls it off well, and one of those games IMO is DUNGEONS.

You are a Dungeon Lord who (through unfortunate events) is dethroned and must fight his way back to the top! You lure heroes into your dungeon with gold, equipment or whatever that hero type wants, wait until they are happy enough (the happier they are the more soul energy you get from them) have your monsters beat the crap out of them, then haul them off to the prison to extract more soul energy.

Beware though, if the heroes get more powerful than your monsters, your dungeon heart may be in trouble, once your dungeon heart is toast, so are you. Your character CAN die and come back, it will just take away part of your dungeon heart's health, so be careful.

What seperates this game from Dungeon Keeper is your Dungeon Lord. He is your main unit, you command him, he levels up, you give him stat points and select spells for him to learn, there are three spell trees to go into. The best spells are only unlocked when you get to the end of a tree.

The game starts off simply enough, first you just have to deal with heroes, then later, you have to deal with quests to move on later even being pitted against other Dungeon Lords. The downside: this game is still 30 bucks. That price, however, isn't too bad, and I'd recommend it if you liked games like Dungeon Keeper and Overlord.

Edit: I do recommend if you get it to get it on Steam, while other places may be the same price and might be preferable for some people, Steam gives you extra content: "DUNGEONS - STEAM SPECIAL EDITION includes an exclusive extra mission, all new maps to play in sandbox mode and a variety of unique prestige items to customize your dungeon."

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