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Monday, April 16, 2012

Pakkuman's Defense

My Rating: 7/10

A pac-man clone mashed with tower defense, surprisingly good!

Normally I try and stay away from pac-man clones, but as I was reading about the games available in the Indie Buskers bundle, the concept of this game intrigued me for some reason. As I started playing I found that this game was actually fun! Finally, a real use for those things pac-man eats!

The game is simple, like pac-man, you must avoid the ghosts or die, and you pick up the little things scattered throughout the maze. Unlike pac-man, levels are randomly generated and ghosts will keep spawning at random (and in random spots) until you finish the level or die. You can build towers on the walls to shoot the ghosts to give you a chance to finish the level. Points are based on money left over first, and then kills.

I have not yet beat a level, but here's a picture of one I found to be a pain in the ass (I got stuck in the vertical corridor) Edit: I just made it to the second level, same type of symmetrical generation as the first, but different colored floor, and more ghosts.

As you can see from my screenshot, all levels are symmetrical

This game is available over at the Indie Buskers bundle you can get the bundle for a buck.

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