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Monday, April 16, 2012

Delve Deeper

My Rating: 8.5/10
Desura Community: 9.4/10
This game is best played with a friend as it features hotseat multiplayer.
Simple game, you assemble a team of dwarves and delve into the mountain looking for treasure and fighting monsters!
Each team (between 2 and 4 teams, with player and npc control options) is competing to get the most treasure out of the given level. Teams are made up of 4 different dwarves, any combonation of the scout, miner and warrior. Each character has an inventory, and once it is full they cannot mine anymore and must return to the surface (or a bank) to offload the treasure for points. There are also items in the game, which can be sold at the item shop or returned to the surface as well (items can be good or bad, either removing points or giving points, and they usually give greater rewards than mining).
In some ways this game feels like a board game, it is turn based, each player has a turn moving and taking actions, then the monsters move. At the beginning of each player's turn they get to place a tunnel tile to expand their tunnels and find new treasure. Tunnel tiles do not have to connect to the players tile and can be played to connect the other team's tunnel to monsters to get ahead by putting them behind. Each game ends after a set amount of turns.
I have found this game can be incredibly boring on 4 player mode with NPCs as you have to wait through 3 NPCs turns and the monster turn before you can do anything, and if you want to try this game out I strongly recommend playing with friends or only against 1 or 2 NPCs until you get into the game. At least if you have a friend, you can BS while the other turns are going on. That said, it can also be a great game to play if you are doing something and aren't too worried about what your enemies are doing, take your turn, go back to whatever you were doing and let the other turns go on without you (I can't do that myself as I miss out on what's going on).
All in all a great game, especially when played with friends.

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