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Monday, April 16, 2012

Bullet Train

My Rating: 7/10
Desura Community: 7.3/10

Bullet Train is a fast pace first person shooter about defending a train full of cargo from creatures in the harsh desert.

A fair warning about this game: It was designed to run on a specific computer. It has quite a bit of compatibility problems, one fix I found for this is to mess around with compatability settings. I believe it was either Run in 640 x 480 resolution or Disable display scaling at high DPI settings that made it work for me.

The mechanics of this game are simple. You are defending a train of cargo, the train layout you choose will determine difficulty aseach layout has any number of turrent spots, some more, some less, determining difficulty, higher difficulty layouts give you more money to upgrade your turrets and personal weapons. Personal weapons are pistol, shotgun, rifle and dynomite. Turrets include gatling gun, flamethrower and cannon. Each upgradeable with the cash earned in-game.

The game proceeds as follows: leave the station, build turrets and shoot monsters, get to the station, buy upgrades, on to the next station.

The major problem with this game is a lack of co-op and a lack of level variance, it's always the same level, same track. But all in all a good FREE game and worth a look at if you can get it to run

This was a student project done at Full Sail University with a 2 month design and 3 month development time frame to make the game.

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