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Monday, April 16, 2012

Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack

My Rating: 8/10
Desura Community: 8.2/10

In Serious Sam Kamikaze Attack you are a headless kamikaze pitted against Serious Sam himself!

The gameplay mechanics are very simple, you can jump, and you can kick and scream (put like that it sounds more like Serious Sam: Hissy Fit). You have a rage meter, when you kick, the meter fills up and when you're not kicking it slowly empties. The reason for kicking? There are various obstacles in your path: rockets, bombs, cactuses (or logs in the jungle levels), grenades and even frogs. Aside from the frogs, anything you don't kick or jump over will kill you and take away one of your lives.

This game plays very much like an arcade game, there are 40 levels, but each level is mostly just a slightly longer, slightly harder version of the last level. Each level you have a secondary goal, punt X frogs, Kick X bombs or rockets, destroy X cacti or logs. Every 5 levels it's a little bit different, you have to kick explosives back at Sam so many times, then you get to blow him up to finish the level.

Each obsticle you kick you get points for, there is a points multiplier which increases the amount of points you get, the multiplier gets reduced back down to 1x if you die. There are various pickups in the game, a multiplier increaser, extra life, rage cooldown, and a turtle to slow things down a bit (because it can get pretty fast paced and hectic in later levels.

The bonuses unlocked through gameplay are slim but there are some in the game. Some levels when you beat them you unlock either an extra Kamikaze (life), faster rage cooldown, more rage before you explode, etc. You can also put heads on your "headless" kamikaze, giving you bonuses but I don't really see the point considering he *is* a HEADLESS kamikaze afterall.

I personally enjoyed this game during times when I was depressed, bored out of my mind not knowing what to do, or just wanted something to relax and not have to think about in any way shape or form. It's only 2 bucks and available on

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