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Saturday, May 26, 2012


My Rating: 8.5/10
Desura Community Rating: 8.2/10
I would like to start off by saying this game is highly underappreciated. For $0.99 you get MORE than what you pay for.
Fortix is a very simple arcade type game, your little knight dude starts on the outside of the map which is tinted...your goal is to capture the tinted areas for points. To finish the level you must capture the fortresses which is easier said than done.
When you travel into the tinted area, you are succeptable to attack by dragons and cannons. It is simple in concept to get rid of your enemies, capture a dragon inside a tinted area and he's gone, capture a trigger to set off a catapult to destroy the towers. But these things are easier said than done.
This game lets you control it via the mouse or keyboard and let me tell you right now, play with the keyboard or you are shooting yourself in the foot, it's so much easier to control with the keyboard. 
If dragons and catapults were not enough to contend with, don't worry, each level has a time limit urging you to work fast, but fear not as you have powerups on your side (what's an arcade game without power ups, eh?) Stop the dragons, point boosts, stop the cannons.
Honestly it's a simple game, there's not a lot to say, it does not feature multiplayer, but the most fun I had in the game was doing a hotseat multiplayer with my friend, we'd just take turns. A great, fun game and everyone should have it on either Desura or Steam.

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